Cave Grotto Falls (Custom)

Cave Grotto Falls (Custom, only one available)

Cave Grotto Spa Falls | RockGrottoSpa.comReinforced fiberglass equipment base with a lightweight rock cover which houses a 2 HP, 2 speed jet pump and a 1 HP waterfall pump, and Ozonator controlling water purification.  Also includes CD/radio player with 4 built in speakers, fiber optic lights and more. Radio controlled equipment pack (included) controls all functions with handy remote.

The spa has one therapy seat with 4 large and one neck massage jets. Two additional seats combine with the therapy seat under the Cave Grotto Falls. Two additional seats are outside the Cave Grotto Falls with an additional 7 jets and twin cartridge filter system. Jet and air volume can be controlled from inside of the spa. (200,000 BTU gas heater is not included)

Retail price for this unit would be $21,000, but this unique spa is available today for only $8,500 as it was used as a show spa, never used as a personal spa.

Equipment pack below included:

Rock Grotto Spa Equipment Pack