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Rock Grotto Spa Projects

Whatever you wish, a Rock Grotto Spa project is a beautiful and elegant addition to your home or business. A grotto is typically defined as a rock waterfall with a nook or cavern beneath it and can be large enough to swim into. They provide privacy and shade for swimmers, and kids can use them for imaginative play scenarios. Also remember that many of the options available from Rock Grotto Spa also can improve your comfort, health or even the value of your home.

Rock Grotto Spa Designs

Mix and match design ideas that include beautiful waterfalls, ponds, pools or spas to exactly match your space. Whether you prefer the tranquility of running water from a Rock Waterfall or a Cave Grotto Spa with a waterfall, decorated with rock boulders, flowers, bushes or even fiber optic lights and music, we can turn your project into something that would make you feel like you live in paradise!

Benefits of Waterfalls

Perhaps the best news about waterfalls is that they also have practical benefits. The sound is soothing, but it also creates a sound barrier from outside noise. The movement of the water is a plus too; it can keep a pool from becoming stagnant and helps aerate the water of your pond, pool or spa.

We can do it!

Below are examples that will help you see what kinds of grotto-waterfall designs you can include with your next rock grotto spa project. We can do it together, see how easy it is, give George a call to discuss your next paradise project at:


Above Ground Rock Grotto Spas

Fantasy Falls | RockGrottoSpa.com      Genesis Falls | RockGrottoSpa.com     Grand Ortega Falls | RockGrottoSpa.com     Weeping Totem Falls | RockGrottoSpa.com     Small Fantasy Falls | RockGrottoSpa.com

In Ground Rock Grotto Spas

Serenity Falls | RockGrottoSpa.com     Matterhorn Falls | RockGrottoSpa.com

Examples of what you can build with Rock Grotto Spa components

Mine Shaft Entrance Falls | RockGrottoSpa.com     Rock Falls w/Horny Toad     Rock Grotto Spa with Triple Waterfall

One of a kind Rock Grotto Spa

Cave Grotto Spa w/Waterfall | RockGrottoSpa.com